Baxia Technology Wireless Solar Charged LED Light Review and I'm Not Really A Beekeeper



As my channel has grown I've begun receiving emails from different companies wanting me to do product reviews. Until now I've only agreed to do one other because I don't want to be reviewing products unless I think I can use them in beekeeping or other beekeepers might be interested in them. These Baxia Technology waterproof wireless LED lights happen to be an affordable product that I think some beekeepers may enjoy having or even need due to the fact most of us have hives located in areas where there is no power supply. While I carry a flash light most of the time it's nice to have a path lit if my hands are full or if I just want some low light in a general area I may be working in. These lights seem to fit the bill for small areas. They will not serve the purpose of lighting up your entire yard as you can see in the video but I don't think any light in this price range will. If you think this is something you would be interested in you can find them through my Amazon affiliate link here.

These lights are marketed as waterproof and that may be the case however, I didn't submerge them to find out. Since there is a pin hole on the front where the on/off switch is located I'm thinking rainproof may be a more accurate description. That I can confirm.